Byting Willows

Back in 1995, I had relocated to Utah, and spent several months working around my house and helping my grandmother out.  It was a by chance journey to the local employment office, that I was referred to a little trading post on the outskirts of Blanding, Utah.  The four year run of creative basket, rug, and jewelry designs produced from the “graphic designer” position they were looking to fill, culminated with numerous awards and recognition for the weavers and crafts people engaged in the project.


bytingwillows“Byting Willows” is a book about this artistic moment in history.  Cataloging this vast library of over 1,500 designs from 1995 – 2004, the book will also explore the mythology behind the basket designs and introduce readers to the final baskets that came out of the project.

We will also have an accompanying app that will contain the bulk of the designs, as well as provide interactive searching of the archive.  In conjunction with this book release, there will also be an exhibit at 1Spot Gallery in Phoenix, AZ from February 2015 – April 2015 that will feature collaborations with well established artists with their interpretations of the basket or rug design.  The finished masterpieces will also be included in the book.

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