Another Day, Another Dollar

The life of a gallery owner never stops, even on our downtime at 1Spot, the business side keeps on rolling through the summer.  I spent the evening attending a meeting with the newly formed PGC.  A lot of great ideas were bandied about, and the coalition seems invested in generating more interest within the regional/national art scene. 

I’m in the middle of converting another application at my workplace, and it’s a constant reminder that we all progress, not only with technology, but also with our own priorities in life.  Older technology gets replaced, with no lasting legacy or impact.  Consider the VHS tape, it seems like a few years ago, everyone had to deal with rewinding tapes before checking them back in at their local video store.  Video streaming and the decline of cable television reminds us that services we considered important, are now changing to access and availability across various media devices.  The 10 cent phone call has been replaced with data rates and telephony subscriptions.  The wired remote has been replaced with wireless controls available via your phone.  All these inventions are supposed to help and improve our lives, but at the same time, our dependence on these devices keeps us on an upgrade schedule of our own.  Welcome to homo sapiens 2.0, “the sape,” the modern day android.  Whether we like it or not, were now a commodity of popular culture.

With that in mind, I’m going back to my conversion process, which will allow users access to more detailed information, public information that is valuable and will likely be mined and sold by 3rd party vendors to the same marketing firms and businesses that decide what colors are fashionable for next year.  I guess that’s the only thing that stays constant if your a business owner, what does the buyer want and how can I get them to buy my wares and keep coming back for more.

About damianjim,, Dine' artist/graphic designer, working with contemporary art using linework, Dine' writing, iconography, and native topics.
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