What have the people cried so long to hear?

The past week has been busier than usual with my work schedule, and I wasn’t able to create much art during this time.  I’ve been spending the last few weeks working on a conversion project at work that leaves me not wanting to look at another display until the next day.

In the meantime I’ve been tightening up some poetry that I’ve been working on, and I thought for this week’s update I would share this sample with you:

I watched the white devil cross the road tonight

He swung a guitar and danced a benevolent sway as his voice carried to and fro while playing a tune for the people in black

The eager masses that are clothed in darkness and scream a chorus as life continues without their consent

With revulsion I turned from his stare, and watched a shadow waltz with the hiss and hush of traffic, playing with blurred visions and fleeting glimpses of legs akimbo

A silent crash of interlude as he dances into my mind

Mocking my hungry eyes and spurning wandering ways with book pressed against flesh, as pages of society crumble into ash

I inscribe my hatred into the weathered hide of his mask and stuff feathers into his opal eyes, as the crowd surges forward to receive penitence

Overflowing with derision, he sways and moves with the rhythm of the music in the room of fragrant muses as a memory of stagnant butchered lambs hangs in the air, gently prodding me to reply

What have the people cried so long to hear?

Besides this little piece, I also finished up a design for another project, and I’m including this teaser for your eyes.  To another week and drop on by this Third Friday!


About damianjim

1SpotGallery.com, DamianJim.com, Ziindi.com. Dine' artist/graphic designer, working with contemporary art using linework, Dine' writing, iconography, and native topics.
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